About ERG

ERG specializes in providing Economic, Financial and Management Consulting Services to utilities, financial institutions, law firms, governmental and industrial entities.  With our office in Denver, Colorado ERG provides consulting services, internationally, to clients who are involved in the ownership, operation, end-use, regulation, planning, and financing of electric, thermal energy, water, and natural gas utility services.


ERG’s professional consultants are comprised of engineers, economists, financial analysts, CPA’s, management consultants and appraisers.  ERG provides each client with a team of well-qualified consultants whose professional, operational, managerial and technical expertise assures the development of insightful strategies and a unique perspective in the development of solutions to complex utility issues.  The diverse academic background of the Firm’s professional staff, coupled with their extensive experience in utility operations and management, finance, engineering, economics, regulation, and government, provides the Firm’s clients with a broad array of technical and practical skills.  From project conception and financing through development and operation, ERG’s consultants provide insight, perspective and counsel in support of our clients’ successes.


ERG’s client/consultant teamwork is the key to assisting our clients in the achievement of their goals, objectives and results in each engagement.  In today’s complex global business environment – rife with corporate mergers, divided loyalties and relationships of convenience – ERG embraces some refreshingly simple values that guide its conduct towards its clients: Commitment, Insight, Perspective, Objectivity, Integrity, Added Value, and Results.  Throughout the course of each engagement, professionals in the Firm continuously interact with the client from project initiation to final public presentation of the results.  ERG’s hallmark is the delivery of a useful product to the client and presenting same in a meaningful and understanding manner, while assuring our clients remain involved in the decision-making process at each stage of every engagement.

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