ERG Presentation at NARUC Fall Conference

Mr. Victor Prep, P.E of ERG presented Storm Costs: The Ratepayer Experience, A Review of System Restoration Costs and Ratepayer Impacts before the NARUC Accounting & Finance Conference on September 16, 2014. The presentation dealt with:

  • The regulatory response to extraordinary events such as major storms
  • Regulatory Audits of utility storm preparation and system restoration activities
  • Ratepayer impacts from different cost accounting methodologies for system restoration activities
  • Prepayment of system restoration costs (Storm Reserve Funds) and ratepayer impact
  • Utility recovery of system restoration costs (i.e. Rate Base vs. Securitization)
  • Risk transfer from utility to ratepayer due to storm-related regulation

The presentation highlighted ERG’s breadth of experience as applied to an infrequent regulatory challenge, involving utility operations, cost accounting, regulatory audits, ratemaking, and securitization.

For more information or to request a copy of the presentation slides, please follow this link: ERG Presentation Before NARUC 20140916

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