ERG Presentation at NARUC Spring Conference

Mr. Victor Prep, P.E, C.E.M. of ERG presented The Regulator’s Value Dilemma: Securing Long-Term DSM Benefits vs. Pushback from Stakeholders before the NARUC Accounting & Finance Conference. The presentation dealt with:

  • The value of Demand Side Management (DSM) programs
  • The integration of DSM into utility long-term planning
  •  The determination of DSM spending levels required to secure desired net benefits
  • “Push-back” from stakeholders in response to the regulator’s DSM decisions
  • Regulatory treatment and utility impacts
    ERG’s experience in regulation related to DSM policy
    The conference presentation highlighted ERG’s breadth of experience as applied to the field of DSM and related regulatory issues.
    For more information or to request a copy of the presentation slides, please contact us.

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