Utility and Equipment Valuation and Appraisals

In order to acquire utility properties, a formal valuation and appraisal is generally required. In particular, acquisition of utility properties by municipalities under a claim of eminent domain requires an independent appraisal in support of legal proceedings. Additionally, valuations and appraisals are used to establish the value of utility property for ad valorem tax purposes. For commercial products relying upon asset based financing structures, independent appraisal is used to define lending terms and funding limits. ERG staffs have comprehensive experience in performing such valuations and appraisals. ERG staff includes one of the few Utility Speciality Certified Appraisers in the U.S. as approved by the American Society of Appraisers. ERG provides the following valuation and appraisal services:

  • Unit valuations
  • Physical inspection of acquisition property
  • Allocation studies for ad valorem tax purposes
  • Economic obsolescence studies
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
  • Cost Approach Appraisals
    • Original cost
    • Original cost less depreciation
    • Replacement cost
    • Replacement cost less depreciation
    • Reproduction cost less depreciation
  • Income approach appraisals
    • Future income estimation
    • Capitalization rate analysis
  • Summation valuations
  • Insurance claim matters
  • Depreciation studies
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
  • Market approach appraisals
    • Comparative balance sheet analysis
    • Income influence analyses
    • Asset influence analyses
      • Stock and debt analyses

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