Demand Side Management

Managing customers’ loads and load growth is now recognized in most regulatory jurisdictions as a preferred alternative to the continued construction of increasingly expensive generation projects and the resolution of transmission grid constraints. The advent of more stringent environmental regulations aimed at reducing greenhouse gases in support of reducing global warming has brought Demand Side Management (DSM) and Energy Efficiency Measures to the forefront.

Numerous regulatory jurisdictions, including FERC, now require or strongly encourage some form of DSM as part of the regulatory paradigm and construct for the utilities within their jurisdiction. And, with the advent of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) additional focus has been placed on the integration of DSM programs within the AMI architecture.

ERG has extensive experience in the planning, start-up, development, implementation, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures and demand response programs for both regulators and utilities.

  • DSM Potential Evaluation
  • Demand Response Strategies
  • Avoided Cost Determination
  • Customer Service & Communication Strategies
  • Cost Benefit Analyses & Screening
  • Smart Grid AMI Programs
  • DSM Portfolio Development
  • Impact on Billing Determinates
  • DSM Objectives
  • Load Forecast Integration
  • RES Compliance
  • Time Differentiated Rate Design
  • Development of Sustainable Funding
  • EM&V Protocols
  • DSM Program Audits
  • Cost Recovery for DSM Programs

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