Economic & Financial Analyses

The economic and financial viability of proposed utility projects and plans have always been at the forefront of concern for utilities, city councils, and other stakeholders. In the emerging competitive environment in which utilities are now finding themselves, this concern is more important than it ever has been and is complicated by new concerns that have heretofore been of little importance. These concerns include, the identification of current and potential competitors, both real and perceived barriers to market entry and exit, market share retention, market-based pricing, financial risk assessment, and other competitive business concerns that formerly were minimized by the exclusive franchise and regulation factors that acted to control utilities and assure quality utility service to customers.

ERG has comprehensive capability in performing Economic/Financial Feasibility Studies which include:

  •  Financial and strategic planning
  •  Forecast development and evaluations
  •  Cost/benefit analyses
  •  Rate and regulatory analysis
  •  Pro-forma financial modeling
  •  Valuations and Appraisals
  •  Alternative investment and/or operations evaluations
  • Independent Consultant’s Reports
  • Feasibility studies and capital market assessments
  • Capital financing evaluations and opinions
  • Presentations to investors, security analysts, rating agencies

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