Integrated Resource Planning

In response to increases in forecasted loads, costly replacement of aging generation fleets, the growth in demand side management (DSM) programs, renewable portfolio standards (RPS), and environmental regulation, many utilities and regulators are focusing on the use of integrated resource planning (IRP) as a strategic plan to add and retire resources in the most cost-effective manner while still maintaining acceptable reliability.

Requirements for long term resource plans vary in terms of planning horizon, the frequency with which plans must be updated, the resources required, and the structure of the utility in relation to its position in the current wholesale and retail marketplace. Although an integrated resource plan requires a commitment of significant time and resources, the IRP has retained its importance amid the restructuring of the electric utility industry and increased procurement planning requirements.

ERG has the necessary project experience and expertise to evaluate and integrate each of the components required in an IRP.  To ensure the development of a robust IRP, Members of the Firm can also provide assistance to formulate the significant supporting data and to construct the results of the IRP Report.

  • Technical Assessment of Supply Alternatives
  • Integration of Transmission Alternatives
  • Fuel Forecasts
  • Alternative Planning Scenarios
  • Integration Models
  • Implementation Plan Development
  • IRP Stakeholder Process Facilitation
  • Evaluation of DSM Potential
  • Load Forecasting
  • Environmental Policy Issues
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • IRP Portfolio Design
  • Market Penetration Studies
  • Expert Testimony & Litigation Support

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