Public – Private Partnerships

Utilities are increasingly pressured by competition and demands for improved efficiency, while providing better service, meeting stringent regulations, and maintaining reliable systems.  Utility managers must now show that construction programs and operations are cost-effective and achieve high performance standards. Public-private partnerships use the strengths of government and business to construct projects, operate systems, and create jobs to achieve peak performance by letting each sector do what it does best, effectively and efficiently. Each form of partnership has advantages and disadvantages that must be managed to achieve community goals while allowing the private sector the freedom to deliver services efficiently.

The advantages the private sector can provide include off-balance sheet financing, transfer of risks, efficiency savings, specialized services not available in the public sector, enhanced services, faster and more efficient construction, and shorter implementation periods. The public sector partner provides leadership and the need for the service, and may provide assistance with permitting and land-use approvals, land, tax-free financing, and exemptions from sales and property taxes.

Members of the Firm have assisted communities throughout the United Sates with the financing, procurement and management of public-private partnerships. We offer the proven ability to help a community define the right goals; select the best form of public-private partnership for those goals; develop procurement documents consistent with goals, public policy, and statutory requirements; identify the best contractors; implement the partnership; and monitor performance.

  • Outsourcing Programs
  • Operational Efficiency Contracts
  • O&M Contracts
  • Turnkey Design-Construct Agreements
  • BOOT & BOT Agreements
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Performance Based Measurement
  • Lease-Develop-Operate Agreements
  • Sale-Leasebacks
  • Tax-Exempt Leases
  • Municipal Development Authorities
  • Lease-Purchase/Operating Leases
  • Quality Control Processes

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