Supply-Side Planning

The development and implementation of a robust and diverse Supply-Side Plan is key to the provision of reliable and economic utility service. Requirements for long term supply-side resource plans vary in terms of planning horizon, the frequency with which plans must be updated, the resources required, the plan objectives, and the regulatory paradigm under which the utility operates in the provision of utility services.

Given state regulators’ significant role in the development and approval of a new generating resource, or a gas system supply portfolio, the parameters surrounding the development of any Supply-Side Plan should reflect the necessary regulatory considerations and potential alternatives to assure a smooth regulatory approval process.

ERG has extensive experience in providing assistance to clients, be it regulators, municipal joint action agencies, or utilities in all aspects of Supply-Side Plan development and implementation.

  • Load Forecasting
  • Market Bid Solicitation & Evaluations
  • Transmission Availability & Risk Assessment
  • Market Price Forecasts
  • Life Extensions & Life Cycle Studies
  • Regulatory Evaluation & Approvals
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Resource Screening
  • Fuel Supply Forecasts
  • Alternative Technology Assessment
  • Non-Linear Production Cost Modeling
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Project Financing Support

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