Acquisition of Portable LNG Peaking Facility

Members of the Firm provided ongoing consulting services to the Greenville Utilities Commission (GUC) in support of GUC acquiring on-site gas peaking capability prior to the winter heating season. Consulting services included comparative analysis of propane-air and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) vaporization units, assistance in locating suitable portable propane-air and LNG peaking units, assistance in obtaining a waiver from the U.S. Department of Transportation necessary to install a portable LNG vaporizer, assistance in locating suitable supplies of LNG liquid feedstock, assistance in arranging transportation of LNG liquid, identification of a suitable site for installation of the peaking facility, and site development assistance. In conjunction with this engagement, analyses were undertaken to determine suitable project sizing based upon GUC’s load profile. Economic/financial analyses comparing the annual costs associated with installation of a portable LNG peaking facility in comparison to continued reliance of NCNG firm supply were accomplished. Assistance was also provided to GUC regarding the installation and construction of the project.

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