Development of Net Metering Rules

ERG was engaged by the City of Burlington, CO to develop Net Metering rules for the City’s municipal electric utility. ERG staff analyzed Burlington’s needs as well as current laws and regulations to design a Net Metering policy covering the design, installation, interconnection, and operation of customer Distributed Generation (i.e. wind and PV solar) energy sources while maintaining a regulatory structure that ensured the City’s control over such energy sources in support of maintaining safe and reliable electric service system operation. In conjunction with the engagement, ERG staff developed a net metering tariff for the City’s use.

Distributed Generation presents challenges to utilities of all sizes that may disrupt the safety and reliability of electric service. ERG staff’s experience and expertise in utility operations, regulatory policy, and finance enable them to efficiently address electric utilities’ needs in these areas, bringing the highest level of consulting services to engagements with focused scopes.

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