Duplicate Electric System Development Support

Members of the Firm assisted the City of Las Cruces, New Mexico, in investigating alternatives for electric supply to the City. In particular, members of the Firm performed a comprehensive feasibility study which investigated the City’s development of a duplicate electric system to provide service as a competitive supplier within the City. ERG’s services included: the development of demographic and economic profiles of the City to assist the City Council in its selection of those sub-areas to be served by the City’s duplicate electric system; the development of a conceptual design of a new distribution system that could be built in a phased approach to achieve maximum load serving capability while maintaining the present electrical system reliability at the lowest capital cost per kilowatt; development of a comprehensive Competitive Request for Proposals for wholesale power supply from area utilities, independent power producers, cogenerators and renewable resource providers for a 15 year term; and, development of comprehensive Competitive Request for Proposals for operations and maintenance services to the newly constructed electric system. In addition, members of the Firm provided assistance to the City in evaluating the availability and cost of long-term firm power supply and in evaluating the availability and cost of securing the services of an outside contractor to operate and maintain the electric distribution system. A preliminary resource plan and retail rate schedules were developed as part of the engagement.

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