Evaluation and Examination of City Gate Metering Error

As a result of a metering error, Entergy New Orleans, Inc. (ENO) was charged for more natural gas than it received for a twenty-three month period of by Gulf South Pipeline totaling $1,408,564, resulting in a billing adjustment. Members of the Firm performed an examination and evaluation of the adjustment amount and determined that ENO underestimated the value of the credit due to ENO and, ultimately, its New Orleans retail ratepayers. The Firm determined that the undervaluation of the credit to be approximately $728,820 and reported its findings to the Council of the City if New Orleans (ENO’s retail regulator) which led to a Resolution of the Council (R-08-450) directing ENO to show cause why it should not be ordered to credit ENO’s Purchase Gas Adjustment (over/under account) of $728,820.

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