Independent Review of Proposed Xcel Energy 230 KV Transmission Substation

For the Town of Erie, Colorado (Town), members of ERG performed an independent review of Xcel Energy’s 230 kV transmission substation proposed to be constructed within the Town. Concentrated areas of study included an analysis of the justification for Xcel’s proposed project, review of Xcel’s environmental, siting and permitting studies, investigation of transmission line routing alternatives, structure placement and design alternatives, substation siting alternatives considering primary distribution interconnection issues, and visual impact issues. In conjunction with this engagement, members of ERG identified a number of mitigation measures designed to reduce project impacts, which were subsequently negotiated with Xcel. The results of ERG independent project review were presented to the Town Board for consideration. As a following activity, members of ERG negotiated certain project enhancements on behalf of the Town to alleviate local residents’ concerns.

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