Independent Review of Siting Issues Concerning Expansion of an Existing Xcel Energy Gas Compression Station Facility

On behalf of the City of Louisville, Colorado (City), members of ERG performed an independent review of a proposal by Xcel Energy to significantly expand the size and capacity of an existing pipeline gas compression station located within the City. In this regard, members of ERG reviewed Xcel’s Application to the Boulder County Land Use Department for approval of the construction, operation and maintenance of Xcel’s proposed project. Xcel’s proposal favored significant expansion of its existing facility over development of a new facility at two alternative sites. In conjunction with this engagement, members of ERG performed an independent review of the proposed project’s technical feasibility, environmental and land use compatibility and impacts, and associated considerations. A physical review of Xcel’s three alternative project sites was also performed by ERG to determine the project’s comparative impacts in order to identify the site offering the lowest impacts relative to local resident’s concerns. Members of ERG prepared an Expert Report of the studies undertaken and conclusions for submittal to the Boulder County Commissioners (Commissioners). Two members of ERG participated in siting hearings before the Commissioners and provided oral testimony on behalf of the City. Reversing their preliminary findings which favored expansion of Xcel’s existing facility located within the City, ultimately the Commissioners approved construction of Xcel’s proposed project at the alternative site recommended by ERG.

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