Midcontinent Independent Transmission System Operator Membership Proceeding

On November 14, 2011, Entergy New Orleans, Inc. (ENO) and Entergy Louisiana, LLC (ELL) filed with the Council of the City of New Orleans in Docket No. UD11-01 a Joint Application for Transfer of Functional Control of Certain Transmission Assets to the Mid-Continent Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO) to facilitate ENO and ELL’s membership in MISO. The Joint Application estimated net benefits of between $1.1 – $1.4 billion (10 yr. NPV). Members of the Firm sponsored expert testimony in the Council’s proceed on numerous aspects of the proposed transaction including transmission planning, and operations, storm preparedness planning and restoration, claimed net benefits, MISO governance structure issues, regulatory jurisdiction issues, revenue requirements and resulting rate structure issues, deferral of transition costs, and a public interest determination. Members of the Firm participated in settlement negotiations with ENO and ELL which resulted in the Council’s conditional approval of the Joint Application.

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