Open Access Electric system Acquisition

Members of the Firm provided assistance to the City of Enid, Oklahoma in evaluating its options concerning future electric service including development of a preliminary valuation of Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s (OG&E) local distribution and substation facilities in support of purchase negotiations. ERG staff developed several alternative models including the establishment of an open-access system to afford City electric consumers the ability to freely choose power suppliers, development of a traditional vertically integrated municipal utility, and several other variations. ERG staff also developed and presented a workshop for Council members regarding current trends in the electric industry relative to competition and deregulation at the local, state, and national levels. A report was prepared on the results of the investigations including an opinion as to the feasibility of proceeding with the development of a municipally-owned electric system. Members of the Firm provided assistance to the City in the conduct of a formal appraisal of OG&E’s facilities and to the City’s Special Washington, D.C. Counsel in petitioning FERC for a stranded cost determination.

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