Power Facility Operations Review

Since 1983 ERG has been retained by the Louisiana Energy and Power Authority (LEPA) to perform annual operations reviews and semi-annual inspections of Rodemacher Unit No. 2, a 523 MW pulverized coal conventional steam turbine generating unit operated by CLECO in central Louisiana. In the performance of the annual Consulting Engineers Report, ERG staff performs on-site inspections of the facility, conducts interviews with key plant staff, reviews operations and maintenance records, assesses capital improvement plans, and reviews compliance with environmental permits. Additionally, the review includes a financial survey of the use of funds related to the project. The report is filed with LEPA’s bond trustee to provide an independent opinion that the facility is being operated and maintained in a prudent manner and that all of the bond covenants, agreements, and conditions related to the bonds issued by LEPA to acquire and maintain an ownership share of the unit have been satisfied.

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