Regulated Utility M&A

On behalf of a regulatory agency, members of the Firm served as engineering, economic, and financial advisors in the acquisition of a utility service area by a regulated electric and gas utility. Members of the Firm provided professional services in:

  • Reviewing the engineering of new demand and energy metering systems;
    Capacity and reliability planning for the combined service area;
  • The sources and uses of funds in the acquisition of utility assets related to the acquired service area;
  • The accounting for and recovery of costs related to the acquisition;
  • The long-term plan to blend costs and rate structures between the combining service areas;
  • The determination of whether the acquisition was in the public interest;
  • The development of a master purchased power agreement to provide capacity to serve the transferred service area;
  • The preparation and filing of expert testimony;
  • Settlement negotiations; and
  • The development of a regulatory order approving the acquisition.

Members of the Firm provided professional services in the areas of utility planning, M&A due diligence, finance and regulatory accounting, expert testimony, and settlement negotiation leading to an agreement between the utility and the regulator that achieved regulatory approval of the acquisition and quantifiable benefits to the affected ratepayers.

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