Reinstatement of Entergy New Orleans Inc.’s Reporting Requirements With Respect to Customer Data Relative to Entergy Thermal, L.L.C.

Entergy Thermal, L.L.C. is an unregulated company, wholly owned by the Entergy Corporation, which produces and distributes steam thermal energy to certain commercial buildings located within the Central Business District of the City of New Orleans. Pursuant to a Council Resolution, Entergy New Orleans, Inc. (ENO) was required to report on a semi-annual basis describing the detail for each customer (existing and/or new) served by the Entergy Thermal project and in aggregate, actual and normalized for weather conditions, the impact that the project has had on ENO gas and electric base rate revenues for customers served by Entergy Thermal and how such revenue changes impact ENO’s revenue requirements for its remaining customers. ENO’s reporting was to expire in 2005, but in light of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, ENO’s Regulator (the Council of the City of New Orleans (Council)) desired to monitor and assess the project on an ongoing basis and particularly, to assess its impact on other electric and natural gas utility ratepayers in the City. Since the startup of Entergy Thermal, Members of the Firm have provided the Council with independent reviews of Entergy Thermal’s filings. The Firm continues to provide this assistance on an ongoing basis.

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