Retail Choice Pilot Program

Members of the Firm assisted the City of Manchester, New Hampshire in analyzing electric service options as a result of pending changes in federal/state electric utility regulation, most notably New Hampshire’s Retail Choice Pilot Program (Program). ERG staff provided assistance to Manchester in managing its RFP process for alternate power providers under the Program which resulted in the City’s selection of Green Mountain Energy (Green Mountain Power, Hydro Quebec, Consolidated Natural Gas, Noverco) to replace its historic electric supplier, Public Service Company of New Hampshire. In conjunction with this engagement, the following consulting assistance was provided to Manchester by members of the Firm:

    • Participation in the New Hampshire Public Utility Commission mandated retail wheeling pilot program, including:
    • Identification of customers for participation in the program;
    • Determination candidate customer energy and power requirements;
    • Evaluation of Public Service Company of New Hampshire costs proposed to be imposed under retail wheeling;
    • Determination of the feasibility of the City participating in the pilot program;
    • Participation in the pilot program selection process;
    • Evaluation and negotiation of alternative power supply arrangements for pilot program participants;
    • Assistance to selected customers as necessary during the pilot program;
    • Evaluation of direct franchise competition;
    • Investigation of feasibility of providing load aggregation services;
    • Assistance in state legislative activities related to competition and deregulation

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