Securitization Bond Issuance

On behalf of a regulatory agency, members of the Firm served as economic, regulatory, accounting, and technical advisors in a regulated utility’s $99 million principal-amount securitization bond issuance. Members of the Firm provided professional services in:

  • The determination of which costs were appropriately recoverable through securitization;
  •  The establishment of a storm reserve escrow funded through securitization funds;
  • The determination as to whether securitization would provide ratepayer savings and was in the public interest;
  • Settlement negotiations;
  • The regulator’s authorization of the securitization bonds’ issuance;
  • The marketing, pricing, and issuance of the securitization bonds; and
  • The establishment of new bill riders to provide for the debt service of the securitization bonds.

Members of the Firm provided professional services in the areas of economic and financial analysis, expert testimony, settlement negotiations, bond issuance due diligence, and regulatory ratemaking.

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